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Conveyer Chains, like transmission chains, are a series of journal bearings secured together by constraining plates linking each journal bearing. Production facilities can only be efficient when they’re running at peak productivity — something that’s impossible if conveyor belts are slow or saggy. The heavy loads and high pressure to which your conveyor chain is subjected can be incredibly damaging, especially if you’re using sub-standard chains. The conveyor chain is a staple in the food production and citrus industry, allowing large quantities of goods to be moved speedily from location to location. PEER Chain’s conveyor chains are available in a variety of corrosion resistant materials, including stainless steel and ProCoat. Additionally, ask for our available Quest technology with solid bushings for longer life. Our conveyor chains are sturdy and long-lasting, allowing you the peace of mind that PEER Chain will keep you running.

Each bearing consists of a bearing pin and bush on which the chain roller revolves. The bearing pin and bush are case-hardened to allow articulation under high pressures, and to contend with the load carrying pressure and gearing action imparted via the chain rollers.

Escalator Ladder Chain

36.07 mm 31.750 mm
0.3 mm LM67014X

Double Pitch Conveyor Chain with Attachments (C2040, C2050)

Metric 0.0040 in
0883450308991 6.125 in

Double Pitch Conveyor Roller Chain (Large Roller Type)

2100 0.0706
24122CJW33C3 69 mm

X3 Series High Performance Roller Chain

63.9 HM807000
Stamped Steel 29.000 mm

Steel Drop Forged Chain and Attachment (X678)

Imperial 0.03 in
0.87 7.57

Double Pitch Conveyor Chain with Attachment

5.95 in 1.23 in
3200 rpm 22213

Special Steel Combine Chains (C77)

25 9.8
16.7 FYCJS-17

ISO 9001 Rubber Roller Chain

Split Cylindrical Re 3.0 in
36194 lbf High Temperature Pac

Sugar Mill Chain (cane carrier chain)

0.119 1.34

Double Plus Speed Chain

21-5/8 in 164289 lbf
1320 rpm Split Cylindrical Ho

Stainless Steel Flat Top Conveyor Chain (OEM)

3.39 537
2.56 in 3.1250 in

Flat Top Conveyor Chain (TS550SS-P)

2 mm Imperial
1.52 mm 21.34 mm