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Cooling system

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A vehicle’s engine-cooling system serves not just to keep the engine cool, but to also keep its temperature warm enough to ensure efficient, clean operation. System components include a radiator to dissipate heat, a fan or fans to ensure adequate airflow for radiator cooling, a thermostat valve that opens when the desired operating temperature is reached and a water pump (or coolant pump) to circulate coolant through the engine, hoses and other components. Most vehicles now employ an expansion tank that allows the coolant to expand, and exit, the cooling circuit when hot, and to return when the car is turned off and the engine cools.

The cooling system also incorporates elements of the cabin’s ventilation system, because engine heat is used to warm the car’s interior.

Internal combustion engine cooling uses either air or liquid to remove the waste heat from an internal combustion engine. For small or special purpose engines, cooling using air from the atmosphere makes for a lightweight and relatively simple system. Watercraftt can use water directly from the surrounding environment to cool their engines. For water-cooled engines on aircraft and surface vehicles, waste heat is transferred from a closed loop of water pumped through the engine to the surrounding atmosphere by a radiator.

Water has a higher heat capacity  than air, and can thus move heat more quickly away from the engine, but a radiator and pumping system add weight, complexity, and cost. Higher-power engines generate more waste heat, but can move more weight, meaning they are generally water-cooled.Radial engines  allow air to flow around each cylinder directly, giving them an advantage for air cooling over straight engines,flat engines.and V engines,Rotary engines have a similar configuration, but the cylinders also continually rotate, creating an air flow even when the vehicle is stationary.

Excavator Parts Water Tank Aluminum Radiator for Cat

0883450140744 Cast Steel
4.921 Inch | 125 Mil 8483.20.40.80

Excavator Excavator Cooling System Water Tank Aluminum Radiator for Hitachi (EX200-5)

Bearing Non-expansion
4.528 Inch | 115 Mil V Lock

Excavator Engine Parts Cooling System Radiator for E345D

M06110 Bearings

Cooler Excavator Spare Parts Water Tank Radiator for Zax70


Diesel Engine Parts Cooling System Aluminum Radiator (PC650)

2.8 Inch | 71 Millim 2 Bolt Flange Block
Flanged 2 Bolt Flange Block;

Excavator Parts Water Tank Aluminum Radiator for Komatsu PC220-7

44.4 Bearings
168.5 148

Excavator Cooling System Water Cooler Aluminum Radiator for Kato (HD700-5)

ABEC 1 | ISO P0 31171507
B00308 Thrust Ball Bearing

Excavator Cooling System Aluminum Water Tank Radiator for Cat (E312D)

14 Inch | 355.6 Mill 52.77

Excavator Parts Cooling System Aircon Compressor for Ec140

Flanged 7.2 Inch | 184 Milli

Engine Spare Parts Water Tank Aluminum Radiator for PC200-7

2.293 Metric
0.906 Inch | 23 Mill Outer Ring - Both Si

Cooling System Radiator for Excavator Caterpillar E322

9.75 Inch | 247.65Mi Double Row | Heavy D
2 Bolt Pillow Block; Pillow Block

Excavator Parts Water Tank Aluminum Radiator for Sy365

31171527 Single Row
B04334 0 Inch | 0 Millimete